Hurdles are anticipated and resolved through professional planning and services are integrated throughout both our in-house teams and other disciplines. All conducted with our ethos of using the latest software from conception to completion.

Technical competence, pragmatic leadership and prudent independence means that confidence can be taken for our designs whether an extension for a house or the construction of a multi-storey apartment or office block.

With a wide ranging portfolio of completed projects including warehousing, apartment buildings, basements, theatres, housing, commercial sculptures and retail premises we are confident that our solutions will provide the service you require.


  • Independence – Unique, project by project evaluation
  • Service - delivering through creativity and skill from across the Group
  • Anticipation - Hurdles are anticipated and resolved through professional planning.
  • Talent - Competent solutions are a JMS signature

Project Feasibility

At the project feasibility stage, you are assured of confidential and impartial advice. Environmental issues, construction practicality and CDM regulations are considered from the outset. We deliver excellence across the board. Efficiencies gained from experienced preparation, add value from plan to practice.

Our people are our strength. Recruited for their professional skill and developed to employ their technical experience. We share a common goal – excellence – yet carry individual personalities, which interact superbly to drive a keen, hard-working and talented team.

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The installation of enabling infrastructure as required can be fundamental to the success of commercial and residential schemes. JMS appreciate there is often a need to grasp the whole scheme infrastructure design, but to engineer it in such a way that parcels and phases can be delivered to a commercial programme.

Viewing the design process of larger infrastructure in this way can itself offer ongoing opportunities to produce innovative and value engineered design, and JMS approach all such projects with this ethos.

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Why use JMS?

  • Good understanding of developers requirements
  • Proactive pursuit of adoption agreements
  • Economical designs
  • Consideration of landscape and ecology
  • Awareness of timescale and programme

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Travel Plans

It is a requirement for developments to promote and encourage the use of sustainable transport modes as part of the national plan of achieving sustainable development.

Our involvement starts with the engineering of development, advising on the hard infrastructure measures that allow for sustainable modes. We have extensive experience of preparing and agreeing Travel Plan targets in consultation with key stakeholders, including local authorities.

JMS deliver developments throughout the Country, and has the experience of dealing with many of the local councils.

Why use JMS?

  • Design of bespoke Travel Plans to meet Local Authority approval
  • Manage Travel Plan budgets and deliver the incentives to meet targets
  • Experience liaising with key stakeholders
  • Personalised Travel Planning
  • Travel Plan monitoring including travel surveys and analysis
JMS Coordinates

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