JMS is able to provide comprehensive solutions to architects, contractors, developers and private clients in respect of the structural design for basements and other underground structures.

With over 19 years of experience in the design of basements from Nuclear Bomb shelters through to domestic home extensions, JMS have provided cost effective solutions across the UK with a ‘can-do’ approach. With the proliferation of basements, JMS are there to provide the client with the support and confidence they need to realise these opportunities based upon real experience and real projects.

JMS believes our core values of working with people, and effective communication helps us to deliver a better service to our customers.

Our wealth of experience enables us to offer a service that can be tailored to meet our clients needs.

We are familiar in working with:

  • More than 19 years of experience
  • Providing cost effective solutions
  • Effective communication
  • Service that is tailored to our clients
Substructural Value Engineered Design

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Structural Alterations

We appreciate that not all projects are multi-million pound developments and in some instances all that is required is the sizing of a simple beam, the justification of a wall panel or just an answer to a Building Control query.

JMS has grown from such work since its inception in 1997 and considers itself to be unique in being able to provide a suitable service to all clients whether the requirement is the design for one beam or a hundred.

We utilise the latest software which allows 3D analysis to the latest British or European Standards and calculations are presented in a clear electronic format for issue to the client, architect, local authority, site etc.


Why use JMS?

  • Common Goal – Efficiency and creativity
  • Talent – Experienced and talented staff providing elegant solutions
  • Support – Nationwide offices employing multi-disciplinary teams
£2.5 million

Shaftesbury Theatre, London

  • Structures

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Multi Storey Building

Putting a four storey extension on top of a 15 storey building in the middle of London is just one of the many projects that JMS team have undertaken requiring both creative design and construction ingenuity.

With projects across the UK varying in size from low rise to 15+ levels we utilise the latest design software to optimum space and form, switching between steel, concrete, CLT and other forms of modern materials.

Why use JMS?

  • Independence – Unique, project by project evaluation
  • Framed structures
  • Transfer Slabs
  • Podium slab
  • Flat Slab FE Analysis
  • CLT/IFC Construction

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Creative and cost effective foundation solutions are a JMS ‘signature’. Eight storey buildings on raft foundations, utilisation of existing basements and cement stabilisation of reclaimed land are just some of the solutions our team have provided in order to deliver creativity and, ultimately, cost savings for our clients.

Using ground modelling software and working with specialists in the geotechnical industry we strive to provide arrangements that meet time, site access and budget criteria whilst maintaining environmental, construction practicality and CDM regulations.

With teams across the UK capable of designing, drawing and detailing foundation solutions from single houses/extensions

Why use JMS?

  • Traditional footings
  • Piled foundations
  • Vibro-compaction
  • Rafts
  • Basements

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Temporary Structures

From the use of simple acrow props through to the design, review and inspection of complex scaffolding arrangements for North Sea Oil platforms, JMS Engineers have the experience to provide solutions to many of the needs of the on-site process of the construction industry.

Most temporary structures are of bespoke design and ingenuity and JMS take pride in developing solutions that meet site constraints and flexibility. As well as providing solutions for the support of remaining structures whilst forming openings through load-bearing walls, JMS have also been involved in:

  • Jacking up the roof of a central London theatre
  • Support of High Street building facades
  • Ground support for three storey basement excavation
  • Scaffolding for oil platforms & jackets

Why use JMS?

  • Scaffold design
  • Façade retention
  • Specialist propping
  • Ground support

West Bergholt

  • Structures
  • Infrastructure
  • Residential

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Hurdles are anticipated and resolved through professional planning and services are integrated throughout both our in-house teams and other disciplines. All conducted with our ethos of using the latest software from conception to completion.

Technical competence, pragmatic leadership and prudent independence means that confidence can be taken for our designs whether an extension for a house or the construction of a multi-storey apartment or office block.

With a wide ranging portfolio of completed projects including warehousing, apartment buildings, basements, theatres, housing, commercial sculptures and retail premises we are confident that our solutions will provide the service you require.


  • Independence – Unique, project by project evaluation
  • Service - delivering through creativity and skill from across the Group
  • Anticipation - Hurdles are anticipated and resolved through professional planning.
  • Talent - Competent solutions are a JMS signature

Project Feasibility

At the project feasibility stage, you are assured of confidential and impartial advice. Environmental issues, construction practicality and CDM regulations are considered from the outset. We deliver excellence across the board. Efficiencies gained from experienced preparation, add value from plan to practice.

Our people are our strength. Recruited for their professional skill and developed to employ their technical experience. We share a common goal – excellence – yet carry individual personalities, which interact superbly to drive a keen, hard-working and talented team.

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